Established in 2017, Fidelity Equestrian Centre (FEC) offers quality services to the all equestrians. We help people, help horses through our:

Fidelity Equestrian


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Our Mission

Our mission is to unite horse and rider while ensuring their safety.

To Never Compromise Safety

Safety is the utmost important. We do whatever is reasonably practicable to keep the people and horses safe at our stable. We want to share this knowledge with you.


To Provide Ultimate Care

We believe that joining the lives of horses and people is an honor. That is why we strive to keep our services affordable and to keep the environment relaxing and enjoyable. Your horses deserve the best care possible.

To be Environmentally Friendly

We also promote being green with recycling, solar energy, composting and more.


To Provide Affordable, Competitive Prices

Knowledge and a passion for horses is something that we want to share with others at reasonable prices.

To Keep it Fun

We want education, riding and having horses to be enjoyable. This will ensure we can carry the passion of horses forward to the next generation. 


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