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Check out the Online Equestrian Academy for courses that will change your life.


Understanding Equine Communication
Online Course

$20.00 USD

Do you ever wonder what a horse is thinking or feeling? Do you ever wonder why a horse behaves the way it does? if  the horse is in pain? or where a certain behaviour came from?

Don't learn through trial and error at the expense of the horse, through an injury, and loss of confidence.


Learn how to identify and anticipate a horse bolting, kicking, biting, rearing, signs to look for if they are experiencing any potential pain, and so much more.

Join now to feel safer, more confident, anticipate behaviours, and identify pain in a horse to prevent injury to yourself, the horse, or others by Understanding Equine Communication.


Understanding Equine Communication

$50.00 USD

The Understanding Equine Communication Workshop will get you applying the knowledge you received in the online course:
-see real examples of equine behaviour and practice identifying what they are communicating  
-ask questions, share experiences to increase your confidence and 
-have a like minded community to work with

Validate and practice your equine communication understanding by joining the 

Understanding Equine Communication


Equine Communication Workshops are hosted monthly. Contact us to book your spot.

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