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The Pool 5 Full Movie In Hindi

Sunil finds Anand's diary and gives it to Tanvi, who finds out about Anand's sad past after reading his diary. Anand was a musician in college who was deeply in love with Maya, a young, vivacious nun in Romania. Maya, who was apprised of his feelings, however, did not reciprocate her love towards Anand, leaving him conflicted. To get her to respond, Anand threatened to commit suicide on the rooftop of the church by pretending to set fire on himself one day, resulting in Maya attempting to stop him and therefore ending up confessing her love towards him. Anand was delighted with the turn of events and having been contented with his lady love, planned to marry her. Maya turned out to be roguish and enjoyed her time with Anand, which she eventually got used to by throwing a series of pranks on Anand, such as pretending to have trouble riding a horse and nearly getting in an accident, only to later reveal that she can perfectly ride a horse after Anand got worried or when she was insisted by Anand to drive a car and she revealed she can't drive and rushing it across a populated street and nearly crashing it into the road when he persisted her to try, only to reveal later that she knew how to drive perfectly and was simply messing with him. Anand plotted to get back at her playfully and pranked her back by throwing her into a swimming pool, to which she heavily resisted, and warned Anand explaining that she cannot swim but Anand refused to believe her thinking it's just another one of her elaborate pranks and left her in the water, but it turned out she wasn't lying and indeed couldn't swim. As a result, Anand came back to see that Maya had drowned; his life was completely shattered. He became traumatized, blaming himself for Maya's death.

The Pool 5 full movie in hindi

As movies mirror society, popular games have found place in lots of movies. The pool game, including 8 ball pool, is no exception to that. Though you can play 8 ball pool and other cue sports online these days, movies from the past show characters playing the game on a physical table.

Poolhall Junkies is a unique story of pool hustlers. The movie features some real energetic pool play, which makes it very interesting. There are some edgy and witty dialogues that bring humor to the movie.

But his mentor Joe (Chazz Palminteri), who is a dishonest professional pool hustler, trains Johnny as a pool hustler instead and decides who the latter plays with. There is a one hand shot done by Johnny, which is one of the catches in the movie.

Turn The River is a movie in which a mother named Kailey Sullivan (Famke Janssen) gambles and hustles pool to raise as much money as possible in order to stay with her son, Gulley, who she lost in the custody to her husband, David, after their divorce. She is not allowed to even see her son after the tragic separation.

With a wonderful cast and superb direction, the movie portrays some absolutely entertaining pool play, which actually turns the river of struggle and hustle for the rough life of Kailey once she takes away her son and goes far away from her husband forever.


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