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My Lovely Daughter Free [BETTER] Download (v1.25 ALL DLC)

@moodycat Apparently you cannot just move your micro SD card from your old Switch to your new one, you must re-download everything. I have a 1 terabyte micro SD with only 100 gigs still free. So I'm looking at re-downloading over 800 gigs of games. This is ridiculous, almost regretting my Switch OLED pre-order. This process is going to literally take days to complete for someone with as many digital games as us, not to mention use my entire months internet data allowance. As a fan since the NES I say to Nintendo, Come on figure out an easier way!

My Lovely Daughter Free Download (v1.25 ALL DLC)

Download Zip:

Wanted to add something to Nintendo Life's answer in the FAQ about SD cards and your data on said card when you pop it into your new Switch OLED. Now especially those with an SD card that is 512GB or larger you're going to want to pay attention to my instructions here as it might save you some time. What I'm about to propose as a different solution to getting your games data on your SD card into your Switch OLED. Also, this procedure will need a PC with at least a 1TB size storage drive with about 200GB free minimum (this number though depends on what you loaded on your SD card and how much) and a micro SD card reader. The procedure should take if all goes right about 4-5 hours if you have a reasonably powerful PC. Better than 12-24 hours though downloading everything from the eShop 1 download by 1. Here's what you do:

Along with series staples such as Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Kitana and Raiden, several new fighters are added to the series' roster: D'Vorah, an insectoid humanoid who controls other insects; Ferra/Torr, a symbiotic pairing consisting of a young armored female warrior and a giant masked brute; and Kotal Kahn, an Aztec-inspired "blood god" who is the new emperor of Outworld.[13][14] With the game's story mode spanning 20 years, the game also introduces the offspring of several characters, such as Cassie Cage, the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade; Takeda, son of Kenshi; and Jacqui Briggs, daughter of Jax. Other series newcomers include Kung Jin, an archer, cousin of Kung Lao; and Erron Black, a Western-style gunfighter.[15][16] A non-playable demonic form of Shinnok called "Corrupted Shinnok" appears as the final boss. Also, Tanya and Bo' Rai Cho, who would later become downloadable characters, originally appeared in the story mode cutscenes, the former even being a non-playable opponent. Other notable characters that appear, but are not playable include Baraka, Sindel, Fujin, Rain, Sareena, Li Mei, Frost, Stryker, Kabal, Nightwolf and Smoke.[17]

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