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Subtitle Beneath Hill 60 [BETTER]

The extraordinary true story of Oliver Woodward. It's 1916 and Woodward must tear himself from his new young love to go to the mud and carnage of the Western Front. Deep beneath the German lines. Woodward and his secret platoon of Australian tunnelers fight to defend a leaking, labyrinthine tunnel system packed with enough high explosives to change the course of the War.

subtitle Beneath Hill 60

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But then how could you not, when Denzel Washington reports for duty as the leading man? Predictably, the Oscar-winner is magnetic as the US Army officer charged with figuring out whether the late Captain Walden should become the first female recipient of the Medal of Honor. Supporting cast members Lou Diamond Phillips and Matt Damon are no less effective, either.

Kubla Khan was published with Christabel and "The Pains of Sleep" on 25 May 1816.[26] Coleridge included the subtitle "A Fragment" to defend against criticism of the poem's incomplete nature.[27] The original published version of the work was separated into 2 stanzas, with the first ending at line 30.[28] The poem was printed four times in Coleridge's life, with the final printing in his Poetical Works of 1834.[29] In the final work, Coleridge added the expanded subtitle "Or, A Vision in a Dream. A Fragment". Printed with Kubla Khan was a preface that claimed a dream provided Coleridge the lines.[30] In some later anthologies of Coleridge's poetry, the preface is dropped along with the subtitle denoting its fragmentary and dream nature. Sometimes, the preface is included in modern editions but lacks both the first and final paragraphs.[31]

Coleridge may also have been influenced by the surrounding of Culbone Combe and its hills, gulleys, and other features including the "mystical" and "sacred" locations in the region. Other geographic influences include the river, which has been tied to Alpheus in Greece and is similar to the Nile. The caves have been compared to those in Kashmir.

*** Herzog soft-pedals his cinematic ingenuity in this personal documentary about his love-hate relationship with Kinski, whose performances in Herzog classics like "Aguirre, the Wrath of God" and "Fitzcarraldo" helped both of them become towering figures on the international movie scene before Kinski's untimely death. In English and German with English subtitles

*** Assailed by poverty and unemployment, a Belgian teenager makes a series of desperate efforts to get a regular job, hoping this will ensure a normal life for her alcoholic mother and herself. This hard-edged drama has less urgency than "La Promesse," the brilliant 1996 feature by the Dardenne brothers, but it carries a strong emotional charge along with its valuable reminder of the suffering that youngsters may undergo when a heedless society overlooks their needs. In French with English subtitles

*** The sensory pleasures of music are at the heart of this gentle tale about the daily life of a 10-year-old blind boy who may find himself homeless if his carefree ways make him lose his job as an instrument tuner. The movie's exquisitely filmed images and impressionistic sound reconfirm Makhmalbaf as one of Iran's most poetic filmmakers. In Farsi with English subtitles

*** As the Holocaust spreads its tentacles far and wide, a group of Jewish villagers decide to save their community by purchasing a railroad train, putting Nazi uniforms on their most military-looking menfolk, and deporting themselves to Palestine before German boxcars can carry them to extermination camps. More imaginative and responsible than the somewhat similar "Life Is Beautiful," this bittersweet comedy recalls the long tradition of Eastern European tale-telling, which has spun such yarns for centuries as a way of confronting and understanding severe hardships. In French with English subtitles

*** Written and directed by Malcolm Lee (cousin to well-known director Spike Lee), the movie is what some are calling a black "The Big Chill," a coming-of-age film about a group of young black professionals who are reunited after college graduation for the wedding of one of the group. When a thinly disguised autobiographical novel written by the best man reveals truths the group can't handle, old and new wounds surface. This is a compelling, well-made story that appeals across age and race lines. By Gloria Goodale

*** Determined to pay his ailing brother an overdue visit, an elderly man travels from Iowa to Wisconsin on a lawnmower tractor, having low-key adventures with the strangers he meets during his eccentric odyssey. As slow-moving as the voyage it portrays, this warmly human comedy-drama marks a radical departure for Lynch, who's known for violent and surrealistic fare like "Blue Velvet" and the "Twin Peaks" series. View it carefully, though, and you'll see a surprisingly complex view of contemporary life beneath its good-natured surface.

A different kind of subtitle question: in verifying Le Guin's "The Birthday of the World and Other Stories I found Locus1 gives the title of the first story as "Coming of Age in Karhide by Sov Thade Tage em Ereb, of Rer, in Karhide, on Gethen". The title on the story is "Coming of Age in Karhide"; below that, between one-point lines, is "By Sov Thade Tage em Ereb, of Rer, in Karhide, on Gethen." The look is of an attribution; i.e., fictionally, Sov Thade Tage em Ereb wrote this. The question is whether this is a subtitle or not. I had entered the story title without this text, but I'm coming round to the Locus1 point of view -- whatever Le Guin puts up above the text is the title, except for her name. Sov Thade (etc.) is not a pseudonym because the book makes it clear the story is by her. If she'd put this string of text in the body of the story, it would not be a subtitle, but I think here it is. I'm going to make the change to the pub; I'd like to know if anyone thinks it should stay as the shorter title. Mike Christie (talk) 08:25, 28 Jan 2007 (CST)

I think these dates have to go in; these are variant titles. The reason may be a chronology conceit, so that the usual titles are relegated to a subtitle of a chronology, but the net result is that the title has changed. 041b061a72


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