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Deep purple and blue uplighting should be used more sparingly, as they can lend a nightclub vibe to an event. That works to amp up guests for the dance party portion of the evening, but may not be right for cocktail hour or dinner, which will involve more intimate conversation and sentimental moments.

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Uplighting is very popular and makes wedding and event venues look great! So there is a ton of information and misinformation, unfortunately, about wedding/event uplighting. There are numerous common questions people have about it.

Now, most companies, including us, use LED wedding/event uplighting. These consume less power and they can be wired (plugged in) or wireless (battery-powered). We have both but have many more wireless uplights than wired.

The colors can easily be changed by using the menu on the light, itself, or with a remote. For more color options, companies can use a light controller (called a DMX controller), which allows users to mix/blend, and set the uplighting and dance floor lighting colors, easily.

Most of our competitors offer lighting that is 25-45 watts, max (even the companies that specialize in wedding/event uplighting). Keep in mind, the lighting companies will often have very high-end lights and charge a delivery fee, setup/breakdown fee, etc.

The next most frequently asked question is about the color of wedding/event uplighting. Many clients ask what colors should they choose, or which colors are most popular, etc. The color of uplighting is up to you and what your vision is, but we suggest getting colors that will match with your decor or theme.

The wedding/event uplighting companies that provide only lighting will usually charge $60 or more, per light, along with the delivery and setup fees. Know that these companies will be the highest priced of all the choices, but they also do offer great uplighting for your wedding!

You can use these uplighting accessories in any place where you want to add to the ambient lighting of a venue. These lights are designed to point straight up, and you can use them to create light shows on the ceiling or create a diffuse glow that fills an entire room. If you combine these lights with a fog machine, they even work well in outdoor applications, and examples of places you might want to use these uplighting fixtures include concerts, weddings, and parties.

You'll need to keep your intended application in mind as you select the right light for your purposes. For instance, if you'll be adding your LED uplighting fixture to an existing robust lighting setup, you'll want to select an option that works with a switchboard. Some lights can retrofit in your existing fixtures, while others will require some rewiring or changes to your walls.

There are two ways to illuminate trees. You can either use uplighting, where you shine the light up, or downlighting, which is the opposite. The approach you take will depend on the result you want to generate.

There are a lot of myths floating around about DIY uplighting. Some of these myths are based on how things used to be done with non-LED uplights, which are vastly different from the LED uplights that are used today. Other misconceptions stem from lighting professionals who -- let's be honest -- want to protect their jobs! Don't get us wrong -- hiring a lighting professional is definitely nice for those who have the budget. Just like it is nice to hire a wedding planner so that you don't have to worry about all the little details and coordination for your big day. But, not all of us have the budget for full-service wedding professionals. For brides on budgets, it's nice to know that you can still achieve a fabulous look for your reception by simply setting up your own uplighting or gobo monogram projectors.

Myth #2: Uplights can get hot and start fires. You don't want to be liable for that. Modern uplights use LED technology. This means that they use very little energy and stay completely cool all night. There is no risk of fire or burns with DIY uplighting. (Older style par cans, however, do get hot).

Myth #7: Lighting is bulky and heavy, you don't want the hassle of picking that up and dropping it off from a vendor. Modern LED uplights weigh just 3 pounds each. They are also small and compact - about 3" thick and 6" in diameter. If you rent uplighting with Rent My Wedding, FedEx will deliver the box to your door (or reception venue). Afterwards, put the uplights back in the same box, and just call FedEx to come pick it up. DIY uplighting doesn't get any easier than that!

Myth #8: Only a professional can determine the quanitity of lights needed for a room. You can easily figure out the quantity of lights that you need based upon the size of your room. Check out our uplighting quantity estimator HERE. We give you all the tools and info you need to easily take advantage of do-it-yourself uplighting.

While bright colors like the blue really pop, uplighting with the softer pinks and whites can create a romantic ambiance. You can add these lights around the full perimeter of the room, or just focus on high profile areas like the head table or cake table.

Photo Booths are very popular for all sorts of events you are already getting DJ gigs for: weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate events and birthday parties. They create fun and give guests a way to socialize and enjoy the evening together. Having a photo booth to offer as an add-on to a package makes a lot of sense. Especially for an existing business that already caters to the wedding and party scene such as a DJ business. You have probably already added uplighting to your service offerings and adding a photo booth will allow you to provide a full service offering - which makes it a one-stop-shopping trip for your customers and it will increase your revenue per event. 041b061a72


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