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[S1E6] The Thunder Master

A protected witness to a bingo game (that was actually a money laundering operation) keeps trying to escape protective custody. Walker must uncover the truth before they miss the trial that will incarcerate Ricci Rickets, the mastermind of the operation.

[S1E6] The Thunder Master

The Loki season 1 finale was entitled For All Time, Always. The big ending saw Loki, who is the God of Mischief (Tom Hiddleston), join an alternate version of himself, named Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), as they uncover the path to the castle hideout of the mysterious mastermind controlling the cosmic cops of the Time Variance Authority.

  • This episode contains examples of: Badass Boast:Elsa: Hmph. Aren't you a little old for this, Tommy?Tommy: I may be old, but I can still pull it off. (fires up morpher) DINO THUNDER, POWER UP!

  • Bait-and-Switch: Tommy looks to have been destroyed...and then it's revealed that his Dinogem gives him invisibility.

  • Chained by Fashion: Referenced:Zeltrax: You're not getting through that portal unless you're in chains!Kira: I might be able to pull that look off, but these guys? No way!

  • Continuity Nod: Tommy's Dino Morpher works differently than the others. His is activated by inserting a key and turning it. You know, like the last one he used.

  • Limited Wardrobe: After Tommy gets the Black Ranger powers, he notes that he's going to have to go shopping for black clothing.

  • Power Walk: Done briefly, only for the Rangers to stop in their tracks when Hayley tells them about Mesogog's deadly firewall. Complete with Record Scratch to stop the music.Hayley: Did I forget to mention that? (The Rangers, Conner in particular, give her a look) Hayley (sheepishly): I... take that as a 'yes'.

  • Still Got It: As Tommy himself says, he may be old, but he can still kick butt as a Power Ranger. He proves it as the Black Dino Ranger here.

  • Super Drowning Skills: Conner wasn't too fond to hear that Hayley said 'Mesogog's Island Fortress' since 'islands are surrounded by water.' Hayley assures him that their vehicles will take them directly to the island without getting wet.

  • Wham Line: When it's revealed that the Black Dinogem has bonded with Tommy, we get this exchange:Elsa: That gem belongs to my master. Tommy: There's two things you guys need to learn about Dinogems. One: You can't choose them, they choose you. Elsa: What's the other? (Tommy flicks his wrist, revealing a Dino Morpher) Tommy: They go real well with Dino Morphers.



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