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Mob Psycho 100 Season 1 Full Version Free

in the year 2020, on the planet xemsei, a psychic named mob psycho 100 is a hero. he uses his abilities to fight against evil and help people. however, his powers are nearly perfect, which is why he cannot properly be considered an ordinary human. this is his story. mobs powers are surpassed only by his stylish looks, and the wacky manner in which he uses them to stop evil. he is the ultimate hero. but the series also raises questions about the extent of mobs powers, the extent of his responsibility, and the extent of his fears. what happens when an ordinary human is granted superhuman powers?

Mob Psycho 100 Season 1 full version free

the first season of mob psycho 100 was a huge success for all the right reasons, but it had a lot of room to grow. fortunately, the show has only gotten better in season 2. the premise for this series is very simple - a young man who has psychic powers is living a normal life until an accident turns his life upside down. he becomes a vigilante trying to protect society from evil criminals, but with a knack for swinging the psychic energy he has access to into weapons that turn the tables on his enemies. the action is great, the character dynamics are well developed, and the humor is consistently wacky and fun. it may be a bit difficult to find, but this series really is worth giving a shot if youre a fan of anime, and the new season just keeps it all up to the same level of quality.

mob psycho 100has a simplistic story, but it has a great cast of characters that are all well-developed and interesting. the series is based on a character by the same name that debuted in the manga chiisana ojou-sama gekijou-bu, and you may recognize a number of names like misora (not the character misora although that character does appear), hasegawa, and mizuhara. one of the things that the anime does well is to introduce you to a new character in every episode. its a bit of a slow start, but by the end of the series youre introduced to a full cast of characters that you get to know and grow with.


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