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Best Pies To Buy Online

Deputy digital editor Thea loves to be in the kitchen and has a particular interest in cooking on a budget and deep frying. She thinks Sri Lankan and Indian food is the food of the gods. Discover her budget recipes online and tune in to our Twitter feed, which she runs on a daily basis.

best pies to buy online

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We're no strangers to the hot summer months and while our pies are baked Texas tough, they are still susceptible to extreme temperatures. For this reason, we HIGHLY ADVISE Express Shipping for those traveling out of Texas. Shipping options for this item may also be restricted to express or overnight depending on the destination. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

With seven locations in North Texas alone, pies at this shop include classic pumpkin, Southern custard, a chocolate studded I-40 pie, and many more. Keep in mind that Buttermilk Sky Pie also ships to anywhere in the lower 48 starting at $26 per pie.

Judy Pie in Grapevine offers a selection of fall flavors like Punky Pumpkin, cherry, chocolate cream, and strawberry rhubarb. Call (817) 400-7437 to order 6-inch or 10-inch pies, for $15 and $40, respectively.

Hive Bakery in Flower Mound gets a bit of buzz thanks to its custom cakes, but the pies are also worth checking out. Find pumpkin, bourbon pecan chocolate chip, pecan, apple, dutch apple, peach, blueberry and chocolate cream, all of which can be ordered online for November 24 pickup. Note that the bakery also has gluten-free and vegan options available.

This classic diner is famous for its selection of meringue-topped fruit and cream pies at all five DFW locations. Go for the chocolate peanut butter if you need a serious indulgence, or stick with a classic lemon for a lighter treat.

Specializing in baked goods to take away and baking bread for what seems like half the restaurants in town, Empire offers a trio of classic pies for the holidays. Pumpkin, Texas pecan and apple-cranberry are all on offer, priced from $27 to $29. Online pie ordering is available at

For those with dietary concerns, finding the right pie can be a challenge. Fortunately, Unrefined can whip up a gluten-free, dairy-free, or paleo version of your classic favorite, and it will taste just as good as the original. The paleo French silk pie is a particularly good example that healthy pies don't have to taste boring.

This North Kihei favorite opens at 6 a.m., so if you think that coffee is best paired with pie (or are simply jetlagged and hungry), you can kick off the day with some chocolate cream pie or its famous lilikoi key lime. All of the pies are baked each morning and include fresh, creative, locally sourced ingredients that burst through every bite. 61 South Kihei Rd., Kihei, Maui (808) 757-8285,

This quaint neighborhood coffee shop always offers a wide selection of pies, both by the slice and whole, all visible in a glass case by the cashier. Varieties include Oregon berry, caramel butterscotch, and lemon cream, but the true standout is the key lime pie, with beautifully piped stars of whipped cream and slices of lime. All pies can also be ordered in advance.

This casual, cheery Aussie-inspired café is a one-stop shop featuring both savory and sweet pies. After a hearty beef-and-mushroom pie or a curried vegetable pasty, pros know to finish with a slice of tangy whiskey-apple or a silky chocolate-peanut butter cream pie. Pacific Pie Company also offers frozen pies that you bake at home in a self-serve refrigerated case.

Baker Julie Richardson built her reputation on fresh fruit hand pies sold at farmers markets back in 1998. Today, she makes seasonal pre-ordered whole pies (frozen or fully baked), tartlets, and hand pies at the Bakery, the charming Hillsdale bake shop located next door to sister store the Cakery. Go-tos include the jammy tayberry hand-pies and the intricate pecan tart; for pre-ordered pies, customers can call in orders with 24 hours notice or order online.

This old school spot is known for its pies and desserts, with classic Oregon flavors like Marionberry and banana cream. For the holidays, the apple mincemeat pie and sweet potato pie are a long-standing tradition in many Portland homes, which folks can order via email or by calling.

With generous, rich portions of meat wrapped in creamy melt-in-your-mouth sauces, each meat pie to buy online is encased in a buttery shortcrust pastry and finished off by our bakers with a pastry motif that gives Mud Foods our pie-dentification.

Meat pies are made from a shortcrust pastry or flaky puff pastry and are then filled with meats such as beef, venison, steak, kidney and an array of other meats, alongside vegetables to create the tasty meat pie filling.

Meat pie is highly loved throughout the entire world, and as such, every country has its variation of meat pie. However, the origins of meat pies date back to the Renaissance period in England. Traditionally made with spices and mutton, meat pies have only gained popularity and variety over the years.

With meat pies being adopted worldwide, you can only imagine the variety of meat pie flavours on offer - and the taste experience every exquisite flavour provides. Some common and highly loved meat pie varieties include:

Eating meat pies offer a vast range of benefits, the most prominent being enjoying the delicious and rich flavours a savory meat pie offers. In addition, many meat pie producers will create meat pies in line with the seasonal freshness of ingredients, which helps ensure the pies are of high quality.

Additionally, meat pies are packed with hearty meat that offers a huge health punch since meat is typically high in protein and iron! Sourcing meat pies with fresh and clean ingredients can offer enough nutrition to make this pie a well-balanced, entire meal.

When it comes down to choosing the best meat pies on the market, quality is definitely the main point to consider. So take a look at this handy list of things to look out for when choosing your meat pies:

The first thing you want to check out when looking at the selection of meat pies on offer is the ingredients' quality. High-quality, traceable meat is a must for high-quality taste and ensures your body receives only the best nutrition.

Fresh pies that are purchased will often only be able to be put into short-term storage. Like any other fresh meat, short-term storage in a fridge for 2 - 5 days is standard, but it is best always to check the best-by date on each pie. 041b061a72


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