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Postal 1 Loading Screens ~REPACK~

The War Journal was originally several diary entries in the original manual of POSTAL that differed from those found in game. The reasoning for this is currently unknown but as of Redux, they have been integrated into the intentionally vague story of POSTAL, appearing on the loading screens should the player choose Hard or Nightmare mode.

Postal 1 Loading Screens

After raiding the Air Force Base, he is shown attempting to massacre an elementary school. Despite his best efforts, his weapons have no effect on the children. Suffering a mental breakdown amidst innocent laughter, he finds himself restrained in a mental asylum as hellish images cover the screen: A body bound to chains in a corridor, the protagonist in a straitjacket curled in the fetal position; a close-up of his face (albeit covered by bindings) and the door to his cell numbered 593. A disembodied voice, possibly a psychologist, gives a report on the protagonist's mental state: He suggests that the stress of urban life may have been the root cause of his rampage, probing him to "go postal". The lack of any mentions to military interference with the civilian population strongly implies that the Postal Dude's murders were the result of his own paranoid delusions. Amid distorted audio, the psychologist gives a final remark: "We may never know exactly what set him off, but rest assured we will have plenty of time to study him". Upon completion of the credits, manic cackling can be heard as the screen fades to black. It is suggested that the protagonist may have escaped the confines of the asylum to pursue further acts of violence.

I have been listening a lot of postal ost (specifically Redux) and for the most part i had in mind that Pico school and Postal 2,3 and 4 pretty much have the same idea of a protagonist (Granted in a very generic scope of choice in terms of letting them live or die and in some fangames like Newgrounds museum 2 Pico gets even a trenchcoat) At the same time Casandra fits a lot postal one protagonist (If you squint your eyes on the personality that is) so i though if somebody is going to mod redux on having new stages, this might fit, a little bit too much.

F***, you'll be loading a lot, too. Assuming Postal Dude doesn't bite it on his way to the bank, he's still going to hit the initial level load, the load after the cutscene, and the load into where he needs to be. Try and explore the world that's not worth exploring and you're looking at way more loading. There's quick saving, but quick loading is more accurately called exceedingly f***ing long loading, just like everything else. Some areas later into the game get so difficult and are so trial and error intensive that you'll find yourself sitting down for an hour to play and actually spending 45 minutes of that allocated hour loading. It's ridiculous.

It's hard not to die in Postal 2, unless the difficulty is set to one of the cleverly named sissy settings, Postal Dude getting his ass killed by pretty much everyone will be all that's seen for a quite a while. Apparently, in addition to being able to withstand three shotgun blasts or twenty rounds from an assault rifle (when it takes less swings with a shovel to bring a man down, you know you have problems), the people of Paradise are also sharpshooters. They shoot and Postal Dude gets hit. Don't even bother strafing or crouching behind stuff, bullets will still impact flesh. Sure, it's possible to ditch the cops by letting their awareness meter run dry, and it's possible to lose people on your tail, but that stuff takes a long time. F***! We don't have time for avoidance, we still have to waste six hours of our lives loading. After dying four times and enjoying a periodical during the many loads, Postal Dude is finally walking into the bank... A line? What the nuts? Right, just shoot the lot of them and pee like crazy. Ooh, ain't it fun dying? Alright, reload... This time just stand there like a goob and wait. See, being cleverer than the game isn't too clever. Cutting in line results in the teller either informing Postal Dude to carry his ass to the f***ing end or just staring at him blankly wondering why the game's script broke. This happens everywhere. Just stand in line and it'll be over relatively soon. Whee.

Seriously, really going postal and trying to be as ruthless and bastardly as you can possibly be results in death or imprisonment. You are going to die and you are going to load. Get used to it. Going "kind of sort of" postal is possible (selectively and pointlessly offing a few isolated people here and there or lighting a cat on fire and using its brother as a suppressor for the shotgun), but going totally postal just isn't going to happen. Remember, playing with the intent of not being repeatedly arrested or killed doesn't necessarily mean having fun. Unless, of course, walking about, standing about, and subjecting yourself to jokes that just aren't funny is enjoyable.

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I have always been a HUGE fan of the POSTAL series, I played the original when I was 9 (my parents didn't regulate what I played) and was estatic when I got POSTAL 2 for my 13th birthday. I never played POSTAL 3 (thank god) and pretty much forgot about the series until my friend sent me a meme with the Postal Dude in it. Memories flooded my head and I really wanted to play the 2nd game again to relive the past. Being a poor college student, I couldn't afford the $10 steam version, so I went to my local games reseller.Digging through one of the the bargain bins, I found a CD case with "POSTAL 2+ST..." the rest was faded. Thinking this meant it was POSTAL 2 and the Share the Pain multiplayer mode, I suppresed a poggers and went to the cash register. The cashier was odd to say the least. He looked scared when he saw the disk. I asked him if he was okay and he seemed to snap out of some sort of trance and handed me the disk. "It's not an actual copy. You can have it for free" Not really caring if it was legit or not I went home. The first thing I did when I went home was pop the disk into my computer. The game started up as normal with the "Running with scissors believes violence belongs in video games not the real world" text. Then the actual game opened. I noticed something was off in the logo. It read "Postal 2 STD" rather than just "POSTAL 2". Thinking this was some bootleg super edition with Mods I clicked Play. Then the game started loading, No difficulty screen or anything. It threw me right into the game without the opening cutscene and I then noticed the sky. It was pitch black with red clouds. BLOOD red clouds. They looked like they were almost from a real picture. I thought it was just part of the mod and opened my inventory to get the map. Except the inventory was empty. I pressed around on the number keys and took out the matchbox. Oddly enough the hands didn't look like Postal Dudes. They looked more like vinces hands (Postal Dudes boss). I turned around and noticed the normal pathway was blocked off. My only option was to break into Postal Dudes neighbors house. I walked over and pressed Q. The door was kicked in and I froze. The floor was covered with bodies that looked almost real. I don't know how but they looked better than any graphics I had ever seen. I almost vomited at the sight. Then my character started backing away from the door, only for the screen to be forcefully turned around revealing a bloody eyed Postal Dude. I heard a distorted version of his laugh, and then Vince screamed and the screen went black. I sat there thinking "What the fuck is going on, what kind of sick fuck made this" when a new loading screen appeared. Rather than one of the days of the week, this one read "DAY OF BLOODSHED" when the game loaded in I noticed the character I was playing as had a gun. And judgeing from the height it was Gary Coleman. I noticed the gun was shakey in his hands, almost as if he was scared. I observed my surronding and noticed I was at the RWS HQ. The streets were filled with corpses of all types of NPCs, Animals, and even some I could hardly recognize. I turned around to look at the building. I almost lost my lunch. Hanging there, from his intestines was Vince. His eyes were gone and he was crying blood. The building itself was boarded up and covered with blood. I turned around and started walking forward. I noticed that Gary walked very slowly, almost as if he was being careful so that he wasn't heard or spotted. Out of nowhere Postal Dude appeared in front of me. I fired a shot at him and heard him laugh and dissapear. Now Gary was moving a lot faster, and music was playing. I think it was something from Postal 1 but i'm not sure. every once and a while I would hear the laugh from behind me and it was getting closer. Eventually he was right in front of me and Gary fired off all of his shots, without my control. The game was now just a black screen with the sound of Gary crying, and then visuals returned. The game looked normal, except for a lack of pedestrians, then in one second it returned to the hellscape it was before, and Postal Dude appeared with a sythe and swong it. There was a scream, and then it went black. "Who the fuck made this?" I thought. Nothing would prepare me for what came next.


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