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Best Place To Buy Canada Goose In Toronto

Founded in a small warehouse in Toronto, Canada in 1957, Canada Goose has grown into one of the world's leading makers of performance luxury apparel. Every collection is informed by the rugged demands of the Arctic and inspired by relentless innovation and uncompromised craftsmanship. From the coldest places on Earth to global fashion capitals, people are proud to wear Canada Goose products. Employing more than 5,000 people worldwide, Canada Goose is a recognized leader for its Made in Canada commitment, and is a long-time partner of Polar Bears International. Visit for more information.

best place to buy canada goose in toronto

I have a bad experience with Canada goose online orders. Never place an order with canada goose directly. place it with Amazon or go to a local store and pick it up. Canada goose are only good in making jackets and horrible at everything commercial and customer facing. they should stick to what they know and let the professionals represent them on the customer facing

If you have the money and have an appreciation for winter fashion i dont see the harm in buying one. Some of the people who say canada goose is a waste of money, are the same people who would spend 1-2000$ on a nice Nikon camera..That to me is a waste of money considering i dont have any interest in photography. I dont have a goose jacket but i think the canada goose haters are either jealous they dont have one. or Jealous they dont have the money to buy clothes as expensive as this. In the end there is nothing wrong with buying expensive things if you have an interest in them. Computers, cameras, books, shoes or expensive clothes

Until 2021, the company believed real fur is the best choice if you want to protect yourself against the elements in the coldest places on Earth. For the environment, it may be a better option than fake fur, which is not biodegradable.

Founded in 1957 in a small warehouse in Toronto, Canada, Canada Goose (NYSE:GOOS, TSX:GOOS) is a lifestyle brand and a leading manufacturer of performance luxury apparel. Every collection is informed by the rugged demands of the Arctic, ensuring a legacy of functionality is embedded in every product from parkas and rainwear to apparel and accessories. Canada Goose is inspired by relentless innovation and uncompromised craftsmanship, recognized as a leader for its Made in Canada commitment. In 2020, Canada Goose announced HUMANATURE, its purpose platform that unites its sustainability and values-based initiatives, reinforcing its commitment to keep the planet cold and the people on it warm. Canada Goose also owns Baffin, a Canadian designer and manufacturer of performance outdoor and industrial footwear. Visit for more information.

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