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Habraken The Structure Of The Ordinary Pdf Download

this book proposes to study in depth ordinary space-making processes by treating them as the presuppositions and basis for all of architecture. in this sense, space-making defines places as the function of these places, regardless of the moment or the intended use. in the common, everyday sense of the word, a place means a place, regardless of how it is occupied. thus, the term place is an abstract concept that embraces all of everyday life. it is a concept that includes all of our needs; an act of will; a social contract; a dialogue; the building blocks of an existence. unfortunately, most architects do not have the experience to speak about ordinary space-making, as it is not part of their profession, although they do have the ability to see the implications of their work for the purposes of understanding what space-making can be and what spaces are possible. the competence to speak and reason about ordinary space-making in a language similar to the urban designer is, however, rare.

habraken the structure of the ordinary pdf download

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a number of adaptations of the open building concept to the needs of the elderly have been made, creating so-called elderly-friendly communities. the netherlands has for instance designed a version of an open building where some of the walls have a higher stiffness in order to prevent falls and to support the elderly.

the observed gaps in the construction of housing without a history of continuous change over time is often seen as an effect of unfulfilled promises, or as a solution to problems that were not foreseeable (wilson, 2000 ). but just as much as promises were made, they might not have fulfilled the actual needs of a community, or that possible needs might not have been foreseen. again, we found it particularly interesting to compare the current situation with the situation at the end of the 50s and in the early 70s where there were demands for more affordable housing and more accessible and available housing, which was seldom fulfilled. several previously mentioned housing types can be seen in the following drawing (see figure 4 for the locations of these types). note that the structures are arranged according to the order they appear in the square and the information they give about the general living situation and their relation to the road.


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