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Starcraft Real Scale Mod !EXCLUSIVE!

I just wanted to let you know that for the time being, as your mod is currently not online/playable, a person on the American server named Catalyst reuploaded a former version of your mod after extracting it from his cache, under the name SCII RS Extension Mod. He uploaded it on the American as well as the European server. It has really good ratings (about 5 stars), but is apparently not well known, as it has only 18 reviews on the European server and about 10 on the American server.

starcraft real scale mod


I do thank him.I really do.Right now all I want is to be able to play the product he put out.I don't care about suggestions or complaints.But I can't find it.I'm pulling my hair here.

Is that so? Hmmm if that is the case I can wait (like with Blizzard, "it's finished when it's finished eh?)But please put the news about that here and on ModDB modder, it's killing to be unable to find your masterpiece!! Hats off, for real. God bless you.

-Well, indeed; once you get an ultralisk, bc or collosus; infantry is useless, since this is a lore-based mod the usual counters are much more powerful and what you're experiencing is the "reality" of starcraft lore, if you feel somewhat frustrated with infantry (and i mean it in the good way) that means i did my balancing just about right.

-Not sure what you mean, turrets get increased attention from attacking units, this means if you send a group of banshees they will attack the turrets first since those are their greatest threat, it's not the smartest thing from the banshees but in this case maybe you should switch your strategy and destroy the AA first like we would do in real world war.

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There are a ton of great custom tug-of-war maps, including the magnificent Nexus Wars, but Income wars pips its rivals by escalating the tug-of-war idea to an insane scale. It's a 2v2 map in which each player must chose one unit to spawn. All units head towards the enemy down a single lane, and kills grant each team money to spend on more advanced troops. Each wave becomes more and more massive until the whole battlefield becomes a warzone, with hundreds of troops battling for supremacy. Each player has a last ditch nuclear option with which to wipe out a wave that's too close to home base. If you want to see a single nuclear explosion wiping out 77 Terran Battleships, Income Wars is the mod for you.

ESGO is the ultimate way to customize your experience to The Witcher 3. You can decide pretty much everything with over 200 options available. Change how much XP you get by quest or by killing monsters, change enemies health and damage, change the way enemies scale (or don't), and much more.

The scale is detailed enough that repetition is obvious. Small tiles can be composed to build up different things. Large tiles represent generic enough ideas that it doesn't matter. But seeing the same 5x5 piece of land with three shrubs over and over again? You'd end up having to make a lot of different tile types - which is indeed what Brigador does.

Starting at a 10+ metre scale, the size of a house, I think there is unexplored territory in game design. The granularity of a game map heavily influences what it's about. So what kind of game plays out at the scale of individual houses, small fields, patches of forest? It could be an interesting scale between the personal and the impersonal.

Of course, that still leaves the walls, and even 50cm is still very thick for a wall, so really, the block size would have to be maybe 25cm. At which size, due to memory constraints, the world would be a quarter the size in each dimension as well. Say goodbye to expansive vistas and hillscapes and deep mines. Gone, in exchange for sanely sized walls. It would be a different game.

Again, this could be an interesting thing for a game to focus on, but how do you communicate this information to the player? Make a caving game and have the player get stuck in narrow passages and drown, like what happens to real-life cavers every once in a while? That doesn't sound like fun to me.

A compromise tile size appears to be just about possible with some bending of objects' sizes. Ultima 7 made its tiles just about big enough for one character to plausible occupy them, while making its walls a realistic thickness:

Civilization, too, plays havoc with scales of space and time. It would not actually take your spearmen 200 years to reach the next city. And you can see that the game's tiles are truly huge by looking at attempts to fit the real Earth into a standard-sized map.

These are acceptable breaks from reality. Especially as we zoom out a bit, and are no longer dealing with human-scale objects, no one minds or cares that things are all the wrong size relative to each other. But still, those fat walls are vexing.

Another way to represent walls is to have them placed between tiles. This means there are really two different kinds of tiles: square floor tiles, which can contain objects, and thin wall tiles, which define which floor tiles are connected:

So Dwarf Fortress really has a grid that's made of alternating layers of thin and thick blocks - floors and rooms. But it does not have this alternation between horizontally adjacent blocks. Floors are thin in Dwarf Fortress, but walls are thick.

The most consistent way of dealing with human-scale 3D arrangements of matter without going into the complexity of having a block size that's smaller than a human being would be to have a 3D grid of alternating walls and blocks in all three directions. Each block would be surrounded by six walls on each side.

Factional War is a large mod created by Shadowrabbit that introduces four new raid events, on a scale much larger than any sort of raiding you've seen before in RimWorld. It really makes you feel like you're at the center of a massive war, although you don't have to get involved if you don't want to.

Anytime colonists speak with each other, an accompanying chat bubble will appear above their heads. This will let you read full length conversations without being taken out of the action. Once you play with this mod, you'll realize how empty interactions feel without it.

Visual overhaul mods are really cool. There's a mod that makes Starcraft II look like a new installment in the Warcraft series. There's a mod that makes Watch_Dogs look... well... the way it was supposed to look. And now, there's a mod on the horizon that makes Starcraft II look and feel like something out of a Newgrounds cartoon, and I think that's pretty awesome.

Making a mod of this scale, however, will be no simple task. To replace the game's 3D assets with 2D art, Burton will have to design new sprites to overlay over each of the game's structures and units, drawing every frame by hand. To accomplish this task, Carbot Animations has taken to IndieGogo in order to crowdfund the project. Once completed, "the Starcrafts mod" will be available for free in the SC2 arcade.

In terms of what OpenAI has done for us and how it influenced our run at TI9, one of the many curious patterns was the buyback and pressure play that happened in most of the games. We had a lot of talks about fighting and pressuring and how it used a different approach from any human in the past. As people, it's about being realistic and learning from the brain of the AI and not the hydraulic strength that machines have.

The VF-1 was created between 1980 and 1982 by Japanese mecha designer Shoji Kawamori with contributions by his Studio Nue partner Kazutaka Miyatake. The VF-1 Valkyrie was to be the centerpiece mecha design for the anime series The Super Dimension Fortress Macross which aired between 1982 and 1983.[citation needed] The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle and Grumman F-14 Tomcat with its variable-sweep wing design, served as the main design inspiration of the VF-1.[2][4] When it came to naming "Valkyrie" was used as a tribute to the real world XB-70 Valkyrie, which was an experimental supersonic strategic bomber developed in the United States in the 1960s.[5] The VF-1 was created entirely by Kawamori and Studio Nue.[2][4][5]

In this mode, it features a basic fuselage similar to the real-world F-14 Tomcat jet fighter, including underslung intakes and variable-sweep wing, but with outward-canted vertical stabilizers similar to the F/A-18 Hornet's, swiveling under-wing hardpoints (last seen on the F-111 Aardvark, Su-24 Fencer, and Panavia Tornado), and a total lack of tailplanes. It is armed with 1, 2, or 4 (depending on model) Mauler RÖV-20 laser cannons mounted on a ventral turret, a GU-11 55mm three-barrelled gun pod holding 200 rounds, four underwing hardpoints holding up to twelve medium-range AMM-1 missiles, twelve Mk-82 LDGP bombs, six RMS-1 large anti-ship reaction missiles or four UUM-7 micro-missile pods containing up to 15 Bifors HMM-01 "micro-missiles". Like most of the VF-1's nomenclature, the "GU" and "AMM" designations of its weapons are references to current US military designations (GPU for Gun Pod Unit and AIM for Air Intercept Missile).

In GERWALK (Ground Effective Reinforcement of Winged Armament with Locomotive Knee-joint) mode (called "Guardian Mode" in Robotech), the VF-1 looks like the nose and wings of a fighter plane stuck on "chicken walker" legs with two arms.[2][7] The legs are formed by the aircraft's engines and intakes, bent down and forward. The arms are stored between the engines in fighter mode and fold out to the sides, reaching around from behind the legs. In GERWALK mode, the gun pod is held by the fighter's manipulator "hands" and acts in all respects as a very large automatic rifle. This mode is the intermediate one which was originally intended to simply allow the craft to land in a combat zone with a maximum of defensive ability. However, many pilots soon realized that this mode's considerable maneuverability combined with its speed made it formidable in low level aerial combat as well as when making flanking maneuvers on the ground, and most took advantage of these characteristics for such situations. Valkyrie pilots also have the option to deploy the legs alone, leaving the arms in storage.


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