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A Stable Owner can’t live Without This

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Owning and operating a stable is a lot of work. It is great to have an item that makes your life a little bit easier and efficient.

A small stable owner or a owner of multiple horses would benefit greatly by having a tractor. Yes, a tractor can be costly but it’s a great investment. You can write a tractor off when you do your business taxes for your stable. If you are patient and if you shop around you can usually get a good deal. Whenever I buy a larger item I look at used equipment with low hours on kijiji, auctions, ask friends or family if they know of anyone selling, and I check out dealer prices. This helps get a baseline on whats on the market.

Save Time and Money

The main advantage to having a tractor is it saves you so much time and money by avoiding extra manual labour either by hiring it out or doing it yourself.

A large enough tractor that can move round bales can also be a cost saver. A round bale cost per pound is much more cost effective and less labour intensive than square bales. If you throw a hay net over it, it will reduce tremendous amounts of wasted hay. Versatility

A tractor is versatile on a farm from maintainace, landscaping to feeding horses and general upkeep of the property.

Some other great uses for a tractor are:

-plowing snow

-moving hay

-moving horse shelters, material

-moving dirt

-removing manure

There are many attachments for a tractor to allow you to:

-harrow a riding arena

-mow the grass, etc.

Most of these things can be done manually but not all of them, and it will be at the cost of your time and more labour. If your operation starts to grow, you will be grateful you had a tractor to keep up with all the work. Then you might even have have some spare time to ride and do the things you enjoy. A tractor is a great investment for small stable owner or a owner of multiple horses.

the best thing we bought for our little stable

it runs but it’s not wild

its efficient but costly

its more powerful than a horse

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