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1 Step to Boost your Confidence

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Although “winging it“ can work sometimes and it can be surprising how resilient we can be. Consistent practice will boost confidence. The more you do something, the better you get. When you get better, you become more confident. The key is to be consistent with practice and to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, so you continue to grow and develop.

Confidence through practice, consistency and growth applies to both humans and horses. For someone who hates public speaking, unfortunately they will have to do it more to get better and feel more confident doing it. You will get to a point where you get more comfortable speaking to a certain size and type of crowd and to grow you will need to challenge yourself.

If you have ever handled, ridden or worked with a horse that has consistent training in any area, they can be wonderful to work with. If you plan on showing your horse, start by practicing loading your horse, practice taking them out to different locations for lessons or clinics, don’t just ride and home and expect that the day of the show they will be perfect if you haven’t taken them anywhere before.

When you practice with you horse and create an atmosphere of success and practice on a consistent basis you will; build a bond, muscle, stamina, confidence in themselves, confidence they have in you, confidence you have in yourself and each other.

Practicing what you are good at will make you feel good and more confident to try new things and more challenging things.

Now go start practicing what you are good at!

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