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Bot Removal Review - Bot Knife vs. Grooming Block

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

When removing bot eggs from a horse there are tools available on the market. The most common tools are the bot knife and grooming block. Some people buy both and they can be used together. However, when it comes down to the bot knife vs. the grooming block, the grooming block wins. Below is the Bot Removal Review:

Description A bot knife is a curved blade with a serrated edge. The knife is gently placed above the egg and than pushed downward in the direction the hair grows. Be sure to remove the eggs in a location where horses do not graze or eat, to prevent the dropped eggs from being consumed.

A grooming block is a hard, porous block. The grooming blocks edge is place above the egg and than pushed downward in the direction the hair grows.

Price and availability

Both the grooming block and bot knife are available at local tack shops and online at Amazon. The prices are comparable.


The bot knife has one function only; removing bot eggs. It will sit in the grooming kit until it is needed during the bot fly egg laying season.

The grooming block can be used for it’s intended purpose of removing dirt, dust and loose hair. The other very common use is, removing bot fly eggs.


The bot knife is effective in removing bot eggs in a timely manner. However, due to its design of a curved blade with a serrated edge, it works best on areas like the legs and shoulder, and less on more sensitive areas like the flank.

The grooming block was slightly more effective in removing more eggs in less stokes. It works well in removing bot eggs on all areas of the body. Care was taken in sensitive areas not to apply too much pressure due to the block being a hard, porous material.


The bot knife is not a sharp knife, however, if a horse were to move quickly or if too much pressure we’re to be applied, there is a potential for injury.

The grooming block would not cause injury if a horse were to move quickly. With it being a hard block, care must be taken when it is being used to not cause discomfort when applying pressure to remove the eggs.

Other tools

Some other tools that don’t compare to the bot knife or grooming block:

-scissors take chunks out the the hair, do not remove all the eggs in a timely fashion, will leave eggs behind, and can be a hazard if the horse moves suddenly

The Verdict

The grooming block wins over the bot knife due to its safety factor, effectiveness in removing eggs, multi-purpose uses, overall low cost and availability.

For more information on bot eggs on horses, preventive measures and treatments, check out, “How to Remove Bot Fly Eggs From a Horse”.

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