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Confidence boosters for Equestrians

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

If you have lost your confidence from an injury, a riding incident, becoming a mom, or from your peers, boss or family, here are some good ways to get back on track:

- do things you and your horse are good at- ie, jumping a cross rail at 2 feet or practicing transitions or just walking

- start from the beginning and make your way up. You will be surprised on how many if the basic teachniques could use some polishing up- ie. Transitions, halting, cadence

-take baby steps and work up to the things you did before

- consider getting a coach to help you get back on track, especially if you are nervous about riding a certain horse or increasing speed

- suround yourself by positive, supportive people

-ride a horse you know you are safe on

-watch a your coach or trainer ride your horse

-don’t ride alone incase you get hurt

-remember all your good rides and experiences, there is a good chance you have had many more good experiences than bad ones

-it’s okay if you and your horse dont match, people often get horses that aren't a match, it can be dangerous for the rider and it can damage a horse

-reach out to a Psycologist, if you experienced trauma from an injury or incident, its a good idea to talk to someone who can give you tools to succeed.

You are not alone, many of us equestrians have lost some or all of our confidence at one point or another. It takes work and isn’t always as easy as we may like. Work hard at it and you may be surprised how confident you get.

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