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Must Have Brushes and Grooming Tools for Horses

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Grooming is an essential part of horse care. There are so many different brushes and tools available. Grooming incorrectly can cause discomfort to your horse and it can be counterproductive if the grooming sequence isn‘t followed. Below is a break down of horse brushes and grooming tools needed in every grooming kit:

Curry Combs:

Curry combs are used first in the grooming sequence. They are used in a circular motion to loosen embedded material and are usually made from rubber or plastic. These brushes increases blood flow and stimulate the the production of natural oils.

Rubber Curry Combs massage the horse while loosening and removing mud and hair from the horses body. Avoid the head and legs with this brush.

Soft Rubber Face Currys are available for those more delecate areas like the face and legs. It is made with softer, thinner rubber bristles than the standard Rubber Curry. It massages the horse while loosening and removing mud and hair from the horses face and legs.

Plastic Curry Combs help loosen and remove dirt and hair from the horse's body, avoiding the head and legs.

Metal Curry Combs help remove dried on mud and loose, shedding hair in the spring. It is also used for cleaning out body brushes and dandy brushes of loose hair that has collected in the brush. Hold the metal curry in one hand and the dandy or body brush in the other hand while brushing so it is readily available to keep the brushes clean. Avoid the legs and face when using this brush on the horse. Dandy Brushes:

Dandy brushes are used after the Curry. The dandy brush is used in a flicking motion to remove material that the Currys loosened and brought to the surface. Start at the poll the making your way down to the rump, in the direction of hair growth. Stiff, long bristles penetrate the coat, to remove dirt and debris on the body before the use of softer brushes. Dandy brushes should not be used on a clipped horse.

Body Brushes:

Body Brushes remove excess dirt and dust that was brought to the surface from the dandy brush. The soft bristles smooth and shine the horses coat. It is soft enough to use on the horses face, belly and legs. The body brush is used in long, sweeping motions. Starting at the poll, make your way down to the rump, in the direction of hair growth.

Mane and Tail Combs:

Mane Combs are little combs that help detangle the mane and forelock. It is great to use prior to braiding.

Mane and Tail Brushes can look like a human hair brush and are intended for the mane and tail. Start at the bottom the the mane or tail and make your way up to the roots. Work in sections of hair to manage tangles and avoid breaking strands of hair. Avoid regular brushing of the tail with any brush as it damages and breaks the tail hair.

Tail Rake Combs help remove tangles, hay, shavings and other debris from the mane and tail. It also helps spread any product throughout the mane and tail.

Hoof picks remove dirt, mud and stones that get packed into the horse’s hoof. Working in a downward movement, from heel and to toe, this Keeps the pick from penetrating the soft parts of the frog. Hoof picks with stiff brushes are available to help clean out the hoof.

Sweat Scraper is used in a sweeping motion to scrape the sweat and water off the horse. This is very effective after bathing to help remove excess moisture.

Scissors are a great addition for the tack box for trimming hair, cutting bandages and more.

Sponges are clean off those very sensitive areas like the nose, around the eyes and muzzle.

Grooming blocks are hard, porous blocks. The grooming block can be used for it’s intended purpose of removing dirt, dust and loose hair. The other very common use is, removing bot fly eggs. The grooming blocks edge is placed above the egg and than pushed downward in the direction the hair grows. Care should be taken when using a grooming block on sensitive areas of the horse.

The curry’s, dandy’s, body brush, sweat scraper, sponge, hoof pick, grooming block and scissors are all needed in every grooming kit. They all serve a function in your horses grooming process and overall care.


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