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Horseback Riding Body Protector Vest Expiry and Replacement

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Protective horseback riding vests are a form of safety equipment. It is important to maintain and replace this piece of safety equipment to effectively protect the riders vital organs, chest, abdomen and ribs in the event of a riding incident.

Manufacturers and body vest certifiers recommend to replace a riding body protector vest:

1) After 5 years from the date of purchase (less if there is frequent wear)

2) After a fall (the foam can be compressed)

3) With damage, wear or tear

4) If the vest is ill fitting (too small, big, loose, or tight)

Why it’s important to replace a horseback riding body protector vest if it hasn’t been in a fall Materials can degrade over time though use and exposure to outdoor conditions. This deterioration can be unseen which makes the vest appear safe for use. Vest standards also change over time.

Follow the manufacturers storage and cleaning instructions

To maintain the riding body protector vest condition and maximize its lifespan, follow the manufacturers storage and cleaning instructions.

Body protector riding vests are a piece of safety equipment that can reduce the severity of a injury. It is important to follow the manufacturers recommendations to ensure the vest can provide the protection it is designed to do.


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