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How to Tie a Rope Halter

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Many people don’t tie a rope halter correctly. When it is tied incorrectly, it will get loose and doesn’t stay secure. Below is the correct way to tie a rope halter:

1) Place the noseband over the horses nose and bring the poll strap over the horses poll to the left side of the head.

2) Feed the poll strap through the tie loop

3) Loop the end of the poll strap under the tie loop, creating a capital letter ‘D’ with the tail of the poll strap pointing towards the horses eye.

4) Feed the end of the poll strap over top of the tie loop and into the middle of the letter D (or hop over the log and into the bunny hole).

5) Pull the end of the poll strap tightly to secure the rope halter towards the horses hind end.

Must Do’s:

-make sure the the poll strap is tied around the tie loop and NOT around the poll strap it’s self

-make sure the end of poll strap is pointed to the hind end once the tie is complete and not towards the eye

-make sure the noseband of the halter is above the nasal bone to ensure the halter doesn’t obstruct any breathing

As with all equipment, ill fitting or incorrectly application can have poor outcomes, tieing a rope halter is no exception.

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