The Rainbow Spider

There was a little girl who loved spending her time outdoors. She decided to go lay on the grass next to her playset. She saw a giant spider that had was had the colours of the rainbow stripped on its body. The little girl noticed that wherever it stepped, the surface would turn into rainbow colours. As it was climbing the slide and changing the colour of the outdoorsy girls playset, the little girl saw a cloud coming towards her and the Rainbow spider. This was no ordinary cloud, this didnt look like anything she saw before, this cloud sparkled. This cloud covered the entire playset and inside the cloud their were10 fairies. These fairies took hold of the Rainbow spider, and took them back to Fairy Land. When the Rainbow spider arrived they set him down in a field with other spiders. These other spiders were special too and no spider was the same, one was a star spider with stars all over her back, she could shoot across the sky like a shooting star. There was a heart spider with red hearts all over its body, anytime anyone was feeling sad they just needed to give heartspider a hug and it made them feel loved. There was even a unicorn spider, and many more. The Rainbow spider loved Fairy Land, he had never met any other special spiders before. Although the journey getting to Fairy Land was unknown and a little scary at times, Rainbow spider was the happiest he had ever been. He was able to be his true self and he let his colour shine.

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Blogging from Your Published Site

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