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How to Never Lose your Cowboy Hat while Riding

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

This is a trick I learned from riding in the worlds biggest rodeos. It used to be said that, “If your cowboy hat falls, your head better be in it”. Things have changed since then, but this is still the most effective way of securing your cowboy hat to your head. I have had too many rodeo rides to count and have never lost my cowboy hat.

To secure your cowboy hat, all you need is 2 things:

1) Cowboy hat that fits well and;

To ensure your cowboy hat stays on your head while riding all gaits:

1) put your cowboy hat on

2) grab a Bobby pin

3) make sure the flat part of the bobby pin slides in between the sweatband and hat, otherwise it will be difficult to slide the bobby pin up into the hat

3) slide the Bobby pin up and into your sweat band while ensuring it grabs hair while pushing it up

4) repeat until your hat feels secure.

Tip: Use a minimum of 4 Bobby pins on each side of your head, running all around the hat, wherever their is hair

Note: Below is an example of how the Bobby pins slides into the sweatband. However, you will be sliding the Bobby pins into the sweatband when it is on your head, NOT when it’s off your head.

This trick works great with long hair, short hair and extensions. A riding helmet is always the preferred and recommend choice. This is a rodeo trick, it works well and I wanted to share it with you. Happy and Safe riding.

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