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4 Steps to make a Change

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Taking the first step to create change can be scary. You need to be bold to listen to your inner voice and follow your gut feeling. Every single big change and dream I have accomplished came from that first step. For example, following my dream of owning my own business which turned into running a stable required me to put our home up for sale in town so we could buy a acreage. That first step was as small as scheduling some time in my day to going online to see how much houses in our area were being listed for.

Being busy can be used as a great excuse when you are scared, overwhelmed, unsure, lacking confidence, not knowing where to start, and so on. Prioritizing is a super effective tool. Prioritize the things that will get you to achieve your goals. But the key is taking the first step. Follow these 4 steps:

1) The first step is to schedule some time.

Make sure you don’t have any other distractions, which can be hard when you are a mom but its important. I have found the best time of day for me to get in flow state is when everyone is in bed sleeping; I have zero distractions.

2)The second step is narrow down your next step.

Do what is needed in that scheduled time to narrow down your next step. I.e. It could be finding a trainer/coach, doing research etc.).

3) The third step is take action

Execute the findings in the the last step. I.e. Call the trainer and coach, make that appointment, start doing something with the research you did, like writing the book you always wanted to start.

4) The fourth step is get momentum

Even if you feel your first 3 steps are baby steps, any step is better than no action. Schedule your priority throughout the week and make that commitment. This will allow you to get momentum. Consistency is important if you really want to make a change and take action.

Moms are busy, it is easy to get stuck and be too busy to listen to your gut and do something new. Just remember, take the first step.

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