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The Power of Breathing

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Breathing sounds so simple; it’s something we all do every day and don’t even think about doing.

When a person intentionally breathes, amazing things can happen:

-more oxygen gets to your brain, and lungs

-stress, fear and anxiety can be reduced

-reduced fatigue and increased energy

-regulates blood pressure and emotions

-improves memory and the immune system

-and so much more

The choice of breathing exercises can be specific to the state you are in:

- if you are feeling anxious or would like to get to sleep, box breathing, belly breathing, mindful breathing, lions breath, pursed lip breathing are great

-4,7,8 breathing for mental clarity

-double breathing for energy

-5 finger breathing can be done with your kids at anytime

- meditation, yoga, mindfulness breathing, mantra breathing and more

There are any benefits to intentional breathing and there are many breathing exercises to choose from. You can experiment, find out what you like, what works well for you. Incorporate it into your work day, your bedtime or morning routine and even include the kids.

I challenge you to start breathing intentionally and throw in some breathing exercises to see how much it can impact your life and state of being.

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