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Equestrian Gifts for Her under $50

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Sometimes it can be challenging to shop for the horse lover in your life. Need some last minute stocking stuffer ideas? or something thoughtful? here are some equestrian gifts for her under $50:

Riding Gloves

A staple for every equestrian, and something that always needs to be replaced overtime.

Horse Socks

A fun essential item for every horse lover.

Lucky Horse Shoe Necklace

Make a wish, wear the necklace and good luck will come.

Snaffle Bit Ring

This cute ring is the design of a snaffle bit, making a nice accessory for the equestrian.

Horse Training Journal

For the horse lover who likes to journal and keep track of training.

Leather Bracelet

A stylish accessory when away from the barn.

Horse Scrunches and Ponytails

Tieing hair back is a must. These hair ties are great accessories.

Horse Colouring Book for Adults

During the pass time when not riding. Adult colouring books are relaxing.

Work Gloves

Every hard working equestrian needs work gloves.

Fun Unicorn Mask

Stylish masks are a great accessory during the pandemic.


Everyone needs warm cozy flannel. Great for going out or at the barn.

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