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Houston, We Have A Problem Subtitles English

Noah Charney from the New York Observer paralleled it with "Dr. Strangelove, part F for Fake, part real and part Spinal Tap", and praised it as a clever film. He quotes Slovenian film critic Marcel Stefancic Jr.'s interpretation that the film mocks both Yugo-nostalgia and the idea that socialism cannot work unless it is secretly funded by capitalism. However, in Charney's opinion, even intelligent viewers from former Yugoslavia, let alone from the U.S., may have a problem understanding it.[10]

Houston, We Have a Problem subtitles English

For us to assess your translation skills, you will have to complete a short grammar and translation quiz then translate the subtitles of a sample file. The translation guidelines are your friend! Make sure to follow them. You will be allowed to check them during the test.

So with that as background, we said, "Look, we are not organized to win this competition." We just are not. We say we're in a competition, which is a good thing. The first thing you have to do is admit you have a problem. So Houston, we have a problem. But we have not organized ourselves to win the competition, we do not have a strategy to win the competition, we do not have the resources to implement a strategy, even if we had one.

And if all of that sounds like a modern software-driven company -- you know, you can think -- if you think of all of our tech giants and -- and -- and smaller innovative companies across the -- U.S. economy, it's because it is. It's the same challenge. It's the same problem. And so we have examples, right? There's very little magic here.

Then there's another set of recommendations that -- you know, that we've looked at but we really don't have a plan for yet. You know, we recognize that it's a problem but we're not quite ready to move out in that direction just because of limited bandwidth here. So that's -- that's another subset that -- that we're looking at.

And so, we -- we have a full court press on -- so, of course, we have, you know, native cloud security, you know, additional security that -- that we've been able to add. You know, we've got lots of, you know, cybersecurity specialists helping us look at this problem set.

We do have a -- a -- great outreach organizations, we do pay keen attention to all of the service developments and we try to partner with all of them. We pay keen attention to the demand signals from the combatant commands and we want to -- we want to work with anybody who is doing AI today but here's how we approach that problem set, right -- like, our first duty, I think, or one of the things that we do well is measure our success and the success of others.

Open caption screenings are not very common. Sometimes, movie theaters offer special "open caption" viewings for anyone who wants to watch movies with subtitles/captions, or if you have a large group and request a special screening. And of course, most foreign films screened in the US are subtitled in English.

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