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All programs in this section are unofficial and not supported by Apple.Installing and working with them can cause incorrect device behavior (fast battery discharge, system braking, incorrect operation of other applications, etc.), or it may lead to the need for a flashing.By installing the application, you act at your own risk!How to install deb-files -Installing * .deb and * .ipa If you posted a new version of the program, please notify the moderator by clicking the "Complaint" button on your message.

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Hi everyone,We would like you to know that we read each of your complaints daily and try to solve them according, including the bad translation (mostly from Zinchan), and would like everyone to understand a few facts about the situation:I/ Fact about manga source and managing:As automatic upload is the primary method to keep such a vast library updated, we sometimes have to accept that quality control sometimes is complex and solving problems based on users' reports is the only way. we don't have the resource to look into each chapter before uploading them for 100% of the manga on Vyvy.II/ How are we dealing with imperfect translation?The method is simple, we follow the following set of questions:1. Is it that bad to the point of unacceptable?yes, then2. is there any better version out there?yes, then we will update this manga source from now onno, then3. Can we find a manual uploader for this manga?With this flow, we should have the best translation version on the site already, but there are a few twists about this:- We only check the one that multiple readers are complaining about, ticking "Vy-san should know about this" -> we can't just check because 1 or 2 person does not like the translation that much.- There is a better version out there, and we can get our hands on it. OR someone is willing to be the uploader of that manga. -> Sometimes bad translations are the only version out there; maybe in the future, but we don't have our translation team currently.III/ WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT THE BAD TRANSLATION YOU FOUND?1. Don't complain. Just let us know in the comment about the situation and wait, and know that we will look into it. Cant be fast, but we will.2. Let us know if "you know" there is a better version, and we will try to find it.3. You can always be an uploader yourself and help other users. Tbh, there are no perks for uploaders atm, aside from receiving praise and thank you from everyone, but we will look into this in the future -> in the end, Vyvy is a place where everyone contributes and has fun.I hope this will help everyone know what to do from now on and help our team improves the site for our users :)Love you guys - Vyvy

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